Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Confirmed To Out-Spec Apple iPad Pro? 6 Killer Features To Watch For

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It is a given that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on release date will out-spec its immediate predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, but the more exciting features to be deployed with the Windows 10-powered tablet are designed to overwhelm Apple's iPad Pro. 

Bannering the biggest iPad to date is a souped up A9 chip, still in 64-bit computing standard but as Apple has indicated - more powerful than the same A9 processor firing up the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Amply supporting the CPU is 4GB of RAM, further making the iPad Pro as among the most powerful professional mobile devices out there. The package also includes iOS 9 with multitasking features not found on its smartphone counterpart.

How Microsoft will match such generous specs. The answer is Intel Skylake chip that according to the latest reports has twice the muscles seen in the Surface Pro 3. And the RAM provision is expected to breach the 4GB mark, likely starting at 8GB for select models and even doubling the size for the top-tier editions.

And listed below are the Surface Pro 4 killer features that Microsoft will most likely unbox this October in New York.

Slimmer profile and fanless

With Intel Skylake running the Surface Pro 4 show, it's nearly confirmed that the tablet is designed to arrive fanless. Not only that the device will reduce noise during operations, the redesign will allow a slimmer profile from the last build.

Compatible with old accessories

Mindful of the investments made by Surface Pro 3 users with tablet accessories, Microsoft is more likely to use a device design language that will make the Surface Pro 4 compatible with these existing support products for the Pro 3.

Larger size

The Surface Pro 3 came out in 10-inch and 12-inch editions but Apple decided to upend the devices with its near 13-inch iPad Pro. In order to swing the tape to its favor, Microsoft is likely to unpack a 14-inch model while keeping the 12-inch with the Surface Pro 4. For the most part, the giant model is keeping with the core design of the Pro 4 as a hybrid machine that can replace the laptop at most times.

512GB for entry-level models

Storage configurations of 512GB and even 1TB are available for buyers who can afford the Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i7 models but the Surface Pro 4 could prove a game-changer by offering at least 512GB option for those who can only pay for the i3 and i5 configurations.

Massive battery and micro USB port

The Pro 3 battery life was advertised to last a maximum of nine to hours but powers users normally extract power juice of only four hours from the device. To correct this, the Surface Pro 4 is likely to touchdown with a bigger battery that will deliver a minimum battery life of 10 hours, which should make the device a truly professional machine.

And to make it easier for users to pair the Pro 4 to charging accessories, Microsoft is likely to switch from magnetic port to micro USB - the emerging universal wired connectivity standard.

LTE access

Lastly, LTE chip is a must for the Surface Pro 4 that will ensure users are always connected to a high-speed wireless connection. With LTE part of the package, Pro 4 owners are covered even in the absence of Wi-Fi connection.

As mentioned, the likely Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is happening on October 2015 with the tech giant using its event scheduled on October 4 for the revelation as well as unpacking the latest major Windows 10 update.