Microsoft Reportedly Working On New Surface Pro Tablets With 12-Inch And 13 To 14-Inch Display


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Microsoft reportedly plans to launch two new large-screen Surface tablets this year, one with a 12-inch display and the other with an even larger 13- or 14-inch screen. Amazon is apparently working on a 12-inch tablet as well.
(Photo : Microsoft)


New information out of Taiwan claims that Microsoft plans to launch two large-screen Surface tablets by the end of this year.

Several new product launches from big-name tech companies are expected this year and more high-end devices from Microsoft should be in the cards as well. Amid intensifying rumors regarding the purported Lumia flagships and a new-generation Surface Pro 4, a new report now makes some intriguing claims for the tablet front.

According to Digitimes, which cites unnamed sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft has placed orders with local display makers for two upcoming tablets with different screen sizes. One of the slates will reportedly sport a 12-inch display, while the other Surface tablet will boast a larger 13- or 14-inch screen.

Digitimes doesn't mention whether these two purported tablets would join the Surface Pro lineup, but the alleged screen sizes hint in this direction. Microsoft's Surface tablets usually feature smaller displays compared to the Surface Pro models.

The report doesn't reveal any specifications for the upcoming large-screen Surface tablets, but does note that both slates will "feature high-end hardware, providing good profits to related component suppliers."

Recent rumors, meanwhile, have suggested that a new Surface Pro model is in the cards and it will likely pack an Intel Skylake processor under the hood, coming in Core i3/ i5/ i7 variants, as well as multiple RAM and SSD configurations.

With the 12-inch Surface Pro 3, Microsoft aimed to offer a viable alternative to replace the laptop, pushing its tablet as a powerful device with advanced productivity features. With new-generation Surface Pro 4 tablets boasting 12-inch and larger displays, Microsoft could take things to the next level, further touting the slates' potential to serve as laptop substitutes. Needless to mention, the new Surface tablets should run the latest Windows 10 out of the box.


In addition to news about Microsoft's upcoming duo of large-screen Surface tablets, Digitimes also reveals that Amazon plans to launch a 12-inch tablet of its own. The publication's sources said that Amazon will ship its 12-incher in limited volumes, at least at first. The company reportedly placed orders for less than 100,000 panels a month for the device, "mainly looking to test the waters."

All of this newly-leaked information remains unconfirmed at this point, however, and it's worth pointing out that Digitimes has a mixed track record when it comes to the accuracy of its claims. As always in such cases, take everything with a grain of salt until an official announcement.